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    S3000AH - raid1 (dead drive - replacing), cdrom, LSI and Intel Matrix Storage, slow ...


      I have S3000AH server bord with RAID1 (LSI) of two WDC 250GB drives (SATA PORT0 and 1) with one partition C. One drive died and RAID1 is now in degraded mode.

      I take good drive from server and clone it with clonezilla in desktop PC as normal drive (i made two images - one as disk and one as partition). I was thinking to buy two 1TB drives and mount one 1TB drive in desktop PC and using clonezilla restore partition/drive from image created from 250GB drive to 1TB drive. Next i wanted to insert 1TB drive in server on S3000AH and create new RAID1 array and the added empty 1TB drive. Will this work without OS installation? Do i need to reinitialize drives? Other (easy) way to do it?


      Next problem is how to boot from DVD/RW which is connected to SATA3 port? I don't see option for it


      Till now RAID1 is using LSI. I read S3000AH have LSI and Intel Matrix Storage option to use as RAID1. Which one is recommended? We have a lot of read/write operation into drive. It's kinda slow doint it and I wonder can it be tweaked to be quicker.


      Thanks for help.