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    Raid-5 with 3x 3TB Disks ?!



      I have a Home Server at home and i want to upgrate the server.


      Now i have all the hardware here and I want to configurate the Raid 5, but it doesnt work.


      I have the Asus P8h67-M Evo with a i5-2400 and three of the WD30EZRX (3TB HDD).


      I select in the EFI-Bios the "Raid-mode" and after that i want to configurate a Raid with "crtl" + "i", but no HDD is found.


      So What can i do?

      When does Intel update the "Raid-Configuration" so that i can configurate a Raid with larger Disks than 2,2 TB ?


      Or Does Intel doesn't update / fix this?


      How long i must wait? (It is better to buy a external Raid-Controller?)


      Thanks, Flo