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    i7 930 abnormal current draw causing shutdowns (no OC)


      Hello fellow Intel users,


      Recently, my computer have been acting abnormal with random shutdowns, ecspecially when entering a game. I tried to think of what the problem could be and came to the conclusion that it couldn't be a driver problem, but a hardware problem. As the computer only shuts down when entering a game, it could either be a high temperature failure or power supply failure. I have the Asus Rampage III Extreme motherboard, thus I can monitor the temperatures and the current/voltage draws from the laptop via 'Asus Rog'. I found out that the temperatures was normal (<55 degree celsius) but the cpu-current draw just before entering a game peaks at 53 A and then shuts down. It's idling at ~ 11 A and have spikes which peaks at ~27 A in Windows.


      Maybe my Corsair HX620W power supply is getting old? it's about 3,5 years old.

      Anyone who might know what's causing the problem?


      Thanks and regards, Mads Kjeldsen.