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    WiDi 2.0 keeps dropping connection, Need help!




      I just purchased a new Toshiba R835-P55 with a Sandy Bridge i5 proccessor and WiDi 2.0. I have updated the graphics driver and the WiDi software to the latest available version.


      Initially before the software update I wasnt able to connect to the TV. Now I am sometimes able to connect and other times the connection is immediately dropped after connecting. Sometimes it connects and after a period of time my connection is dropped. Not once have I had a fully satisfactory connection. Most of the times the connection is dropped while I watch a video. 1080p playback is not very smooth either (I work in Extended Mode)


      I did try resetting the adapter and it worked for a 20mins after the reset and then dropped my connection again. I did try restarting the laptop too.


      Please let me know if there is any way around and if I can fix these issues, it would be really helpful if I can figure out if this technology would be of use before my 14 day return period for the Netgear Adapter.