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    Toolbox cannot run optimizer on RAID - no RAID Installed


      Hi all, here's my system: dual Opteron 6170s on Asus KGPE-D16, 24gb Kingston ecc Vauleram, Quadro 2000, Intel 120gb X25-M with Win 7 and latest updates, 500gb Momentus XT, 2tb Seagate sata internal, 1tb Seagate esata external.  I think I've got the latest firmware installed for the ssd.


      When I try to run the optimizer from the toolbox, it tells me it cannot be run on a RAID configuration.  All 6 ports are running in AHCI mode, so I don't know why the RAID message is displayed.


      If I've not provided enough information, please ask, and thank you for any advice you can give.