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    Dual Core E2200 CPU upgrade on winXP_Pro_SP3 System (only 1 CPU in Taskmanager)


      No Solutions at all!

      I set up an new System!

      Thanks for your help!



      hello together.

      once  i upgrade my Computer with a Pentium Dual Core E2200 CPU,

      windows xp recognized after the first start the cpu and installs drivers.In Device manger it looks fine, 2 CPUs, CPU 0 and CPU 1.

      But i am surprised that i can only see 1 ProcessorKernel in Taskmanager instead of 2!


      I make a test with a linux live CD and i do another clean win>Xp installation on the same system.In Booth cases all works fine!!!



      is there a known of a solution to solve this problem???


      Iam shure You will understand that im more like to work on my old windows installation.



      Greetings from

      Monschau (Germany)