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    Sound problems with realtek...


      Hello guys. I'm having trouble with my realtek sound drivers. A while back (~1.5 years ago) i bought a computer with DP55WB motherboard. I had no problems with it expect for sound problems. If i use drivers that windows automatically downloads from it's update center then everything is ok. And the problem is it just mutes itself whenever it wants. When that happens no audio is coming from my headphones or  speakers but microphone works as normally. Furthermore any audio file or video stops playing until i restart computer. I would like to fix this very annoying problem, because only realtek gives me opportunity to use my 5.1 audio system as well as better options for microphone. B.T.W my friend bought same setup at the same week and has the same problem. And if this make any difference my os is windows 7 x64 ultimate sp1.


      EDIT: I updated my BIOS and atleast for now it works fine. If anything changes, i'll post here.