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    New build, temp skyrockets immediately




      This has been the build from hell.


      Motherboard: Asus P8P67-M PRO REV 3.0

      CPU: Intel i5-2500K 3.30 GHz LGA1155


      First try, the dumbell installer bends pins on the mb while trying to install aftermarket fan. He covered it up by saying the CoolerMaster fan wouldn't fit in the case (bull----) and instead installed the CPU with the stock fan. The computer never POSTed. I took it to a SECOND shop where they took it all apart to diagnose and discovered the bent pins.


      So I bought a new mb, and reinstalled the CPU, using Arctic Silver 5 as per instructions with the stock fan. It POSTed, but within 90 seconds the temp went up to 81 degrees, and I pulled the plug.


      So I took it to a THIRD shop. They checked it all out, re-installed the chip and fan, and yet the heat-up problem persists. Within a minute, the BIOS says the temp is up over 77 degrees and it steadily climbs until we have to unplug it. The fan runs, though the speed does not really change after the initial power-up. We haven't tried loading an OS or anything because we're afraid of melting the chip. The installer is a veteran, he wouldn't have screwed up the mounting.


      What are the odds? Is the CPU fried? Or is there a chance the MB is reading the temp wrong or somehow giving a false reading so that I actually have nothing to worry about? Is this an issue that maybe a BIOS upgrade or loading Windows would solve? What are my chances?


      I am already out $150 for a second MB, $100 in shop fees and $50 in restocking fees for parts sent back, and I'm worried now that the problem is going to get more expensive. Any experienced advice? Thank you.

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          Unlikely it is a bad CPU, because it boots, but it is possible since you had bent pins, you may have short circuited the CPU and damaged it.


          However, by far the most likly is that one (or more) 4 heatsink bottom clip mounts is not all the way down into the hole before the locking knob was pressed into place.


          The HS anchor has 2 parts. With the push knobs pulled up, the lower plastic piece need to be pushed down into the hole.Then the push knob pressed down.


          If the knob get pressed down before it goes in the hole, it will hold that corner of the heatsink off the processor and over heat in about 2 minutes.