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    HDMI vs normal output: Setting Default




         I am using Intel Desktop board DG45ID and I have attached two monitors on that. One is using digital output on the board, and other is using HDMI output. I want to set the normal/digital as the default output (which I also set in my OS, Windows 7 x64 ultimate). But there is an issue. When system boots up, the BIOS display and the first display (BIOS logo etc) is displayed on the HDMI output, even if the HDMI monitor is off. Only when windows login screen comes up, I see display on the other monitor. another issue is that if the HDMI monitor was turned off, and I turn that on, the display goes blank for a while (several seconds) and then appears again.


         Is there a way so that I set the primary display output method (normal one, instead of HDMI)? So that when computer boots up and BIOS output is displayed, it is displayed on the normal monitor, NOT the HDMI one?


         thanks for helping.