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    Desktop not ready all the ram


      I purchased a DG35EC mobo back in 2/09 and have been running WIndows 7 64bit, Q6600 cpu with 4*2gb sticks - everything is running great and computer build has been great. About 1week ago i click my computer and it said only 6gb memory. Well the computer has been saying 8gb ever since the build. Well I went into the bios and it is the newest bios on intel site and under the memory only 3 banks show 2gb the 3rd bank is (not installed it says). I have switched memory around and tried all 4 in that slot and none work in that slot but work great in the other 3 slots. I even put in a 1gb stick of memory and it worked in all 3 slots and not the 3rd slot. Anyone have any ideas about what might be wrong besides a bad memory slot. I have contacted Intel since it is still under warranty and they said send it back and they would send me one but that leaves me without a computer for 1-2weeks. They said they could ship another one out and pay for it and then send the other back. I would have a new mobo the next day but have to pay for it. They said it was under warranty. Please help

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          If you can't be without a PC, I'd go ahead and pay for it then get a credit when you return the old board. I did the same thing for the Sandy Bridge SATAII recall on my board. Just be sure to send the board back noting the RMA number on the label and ship it with tracking or delivery confirmation. As with your board, I still had a functional PC while waiting for the new board. The decision still rests with you though.