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    Why can't the EXPI9402PT dual port adapter work in x1 slots?


      According to the PCI express standards, devices should work in x1 or x4 slots, assuming the x1 slot is cut, or a riser is used.  Also, x1 slots support up to 250MB/sec, while dual gbit is 250MB/sec, so why does the  EXPI9402PT server card specifically state its not supported in x1 slots?   I dont want to buy one and try it just to find out theres a reason it doesn't work.


      I know others have used video cards that are x8 or x16 in an x4 or x1, albeit at reduced bandwidth/performance.   I can't find much info on Intels site, so hopeing someone here can answer (the reason is I have no more x16 slots on my board, and only x1s.)