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    WIDI Compatibility




      I recently purchased (should be arriving today) a Lenovo Y470 laptop with an i7-2630QM processor which is not on the WIDI compatibility list on the Intel website. Is it  possible that the list is outdated as it lists the i7-2620QM as being compatible or is my 2630QM simply not compatible? The laptop spec sheet lists the wireless card as a Intel 1000 BGN, so I should be ok there.


      Also, the Intel page states that WIDI must be preloaded from the manufacturer. Im not sure if the program is preloaded from Lenovo (or why that even matters) as I dont have the laptop yet, but I dont see it anywhere in the sales literature, so if the program is not preloaded, but my hardware is compatible, can I simply just download the program from Intel?



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          Short answer: If it's not preloaded, it's not supported.


          That said, if you have the right ingredients, you can give it a shot. Your processor needs Intel HD 3000 graphics (i.e. integrated graphics) enabled for WiDi to work.  Make sure that your system supports integrated graphcis as well. Once yo have that, the Software is located at http://www.intel.com/go/wirelessdisplayupdate.


          good luck!



          Intel WiDi - Applications Engineer

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            Well, in order to try it, Ill have to buy a WiDi receiver for my TV, so Id like to be sure that it will work before spending the money on that.


            My comp does have intel 3000 integrated graphics. Can you confirm that the i7 2630QM processor is compatible with WiDi? If the computer has the necessary hardware, why isnt WiDi supported even if it isnt preloaded? Seems very unusual for the industry.

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              "with an i7-2630QM processor which is not on the WIDI compatibility list on the Intel website."


              If your are referencing this:



              it might not be up-to-date. The last modification date listed for that page is 25-May-2011. Put  "i7 2630QM" into the search bar at the top right of this website and the specs for the i7-2630QM state that it supports Intel Wireless Display.


              The processor, graphic chipset and wireless chipset all need to be able to support Intel wireless display (widi).

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                Shashi is correct, however there is another important part required for the SW to run.  You will need an Intel Centrino Wireless radio installed in the notebook. This part is essential for the personal area network that connects the Widi adapter to the laptop. As for testing, you can download the SW and verity it will install and launch even if you don't have a Widi adapter.  While you won't be able to verify you can connect to an adapter, the ability to install and run the Widi application will tell you your laptop can support it.  If you go to the wireless display home page on the Intel site, you can find a utility to locate the latest SW for GFX, Wifi, and Widi.  Very handy if you are installing it yourself

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                  Jamie McDonald

                  Hello, I have recently bought an Asus N56VZ Notebook with an i7 3610QM and Intel HD 4000 Graphics. I looked at the processor specifications and happily noticed it was compatible with Intel WiDi http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/processor-comparison/processor-specifications.html?proc=64899   although when I took a look at the WiDi system requirements it did not include my processor. Or any other 3rd generation processor.  http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wtech/iwd/sb/CS-032437.htm   I am greatly confused. This sheet was updated on July 05 2012. Also, is it possible to download the software for WiDi, for my computer didn't come with it. I already have the compatible TV with net gear adapter etc. Thank you.

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                    Paulo Antunes

                    Hello all,


                    I think I have the same problem with my Lenovo Y460P. It says is not compatible


                    However, i think he is with all the requirements:



                    Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 1000

                    I don't know if the problem is with my graphics card.. (Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6550M)

                    Thx all

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                      If you want a laptop with WiDi, I highly recommend you return that one before you even open the box. Do a little research and see which ones come with WiDi before you buy, and get one of those.

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                        I Have a HP EliteBook 8460p

                        Intel� Wireless Display — System requirements for the Intel� Wireless Display
                        in this list its supposed my laptop its compatible with Widi


                        Can you tell me if im right,i alredy donloaded and installed the Intel Widi application but when its opening suddenly its closed


                        Can you help me