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    HDMI not working on HD Graphics 2000 (x86)


      I've been reading about the issues with the x64 version of the drivers, but have not seen my problem.


      I have an 55UED7000 Samsung television (1920x1080) and am using the Intel i3 2100T processor in combination with an Asus H67 mini-itx mainboard. Connecting this over HDMI results in a 'no signal' message. Starting up and in safe mode I have visuals. Tried multiple cables. This is with the march 2011 and april 2011 versions of the drivers.


      I have been reading this forum and read about the issues with the x64 drivers. I've also read that the 2219 version (dec '10) did not have problems, so I tried the x86 version of it. And that solved the problem. I''m typing this message on the screen in full HD. But....... is this the way it is gonna stay? I hope not, since numerous things have been solved by the new versions of the drivers.