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    Server R1304BT (MB S1200BT) and VMware ESXi 4.1U1


      I recently purchased the new Intel R1304BT server that uses the S1200BTL motherboard. I loaded VMware ESXi4.1U1 and it recognizes NIC1 (82574L) but does not recognize NIC2 (82579). Is there a way to get NIC2 working with VMware ESXi? I've already run diagnostics (everything passed) and upgraded the firmware to the latest 24;1.05;11, but no luck on NIC2.

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          See http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1607992


          You can get a driver that works with the 82579 NIC off the link there

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            Thanks Chilly! I appreciate your efforts in getting this NIC to work with VMware. I read through some of the posts on this subject. Is there a particular post that you feel has reliable instructions on the step by step process to get this installed?


            I'm a little concerned if implementing a custom solution like this will cause any future upgrade issues as VMware releases new code. Any thoughts on that? I'd like to see a supported solution that comes out of VMware or Intel, but not sure how the long the wait might be for that.

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              Your very much welcome ^_^.


              My *GUESS* is that official support from VMware will come with the next major update, which might be vSphere 5, which rumors seem to point to it being released late Q3/early Q4 2011. Its also possible that they release a official driver update sooner.


              As for using my custom made driver, there should be no issues with any updates from VMware, but of course everything is provided AS-IS. They were designed with ESXi 4.1u1 in mind, but have beed tested working on ESXi 4.0/4.1 with no issues. The driver is built from the (latest at the time) official E1000 source code, with the *exact* same modifications to it that VMware does, plus one minor additional edit to get it to play all nicely together.


              It boils down to this; any update that would break the custom driver, would break the official drivers as well. That would mean that the official drivers would have to be updated at the same time in VMware's update, and hopefully in that case, with added support for this NIC.


              As for injecting the OEM.tgz, there's many ways depending on how you want to to it, but the easiest way for you(and the way I did it), seeing as you already have it installed and at least 1 working NIC would be to just copy the file over. The way you do it is this;


              1. Enable "Tech Support Mode(SSH)" on ESXi host.
              2. Login to the ESXi host using SCP(WinSCP is what program I used).
              3. Delete the OEM.tgz in both /bootbank and /altbootbank.
              4. Copy/Upload custom driver OEM.tgz to both /bootbank and /altbootbank
              5. Reboot ESXi host.
              6. Remember to disable "Tech Support Mode


              That's it, once rebooted the ESXi host should see the 82579 based NIC. To use the customized OEM.tgz file in any other way, or if you need to make your own OEM.tgz(say you want to load more than one custom driver) use these two resources: http://www.vm-help.com/esx40i/customize_oem_tgz.php and http://www.vm-help.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=4

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                I have a Intel S1200BTL motherboard and the Intel 82579 NIC isn’t showing up. Any idea how I can get it working with Vsphere 4.1 U1 Standard? I tried following the ESXi directions using the oem.tgz file but couldn’t get them to work. It seems the driver install process would be different for the full version of vSphere. My support with VMware has expired so I can’t contact them.

                Thanks for any suggestions.


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                     I have a similiar problem, except the only NIC is have access to is the 82579, how do I add that support to the esxi installation.