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    Rapid Storage Technolog and Data Migration


      Hi everyone:


      I've just set up my first media server and installed WHS 2011, and to get around the removal of Drive Extender, I've set up a RAID 5 using my DH57DD board.


      Previous to building the server, I had begun converting my media collection, to the tune of about 500 gb of Blu Ray movies and 1.2 TB of TV shows.  Both sets of data are stored separately on 2 2TB drives.


      I built my array initially with 3 blank 2 TB drives.  I backed up my Blu Ray Movie files (500 GB) to another machine, put the drive into the media tower, and added the volume to the array yesterday morning at 7 AM (about 24 hours ago) using the Intel Rapid Storage Technology console.


      The software told me it was going to migrate the data, and so it began.  (I was under the impression the disc would be formatted entirely?)


      In any event, it's 24 hours later, and the data migration is only at 28%.  It was at 27% sometime around yesterday afternoon, so it's been crawling through about 1% for more than 12 hours.


      Is this normal?  Does it normally take this long?


      I built the RAID this way because I wasn't entirely clear about my data, and, if as I add discs,is the RAID array is formatted, or is the new drive is formatted, or if the data is moved off the drive and into the array prior to formatting, etc.  My main concern is my 1.2 TB of TV eps, as I don't have enough on my other machine to back this up entirely.  This is the first RAID I've ever built, so these may be "no duh" questions.


      In any event, can someone advise if this slow migration is normal, or is something wrong?


      Many thanks for your help,