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    Latest Graphics Driver but still Fonts are Blurr


      Dear Experts,


      I am having Intel's Mother Board with Intel G33/G31 Express chipset. My drivers are up-to-date but fonts appearing on my screen are blurr.


      I am using windows 7 OS. I am using ACER TFT 19" whose driver is not available for windows 7


      Pl. inform the root casuse of the problem and solution to it.


      Thanks in advance.



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          The default Windows drivers are usually as good, eventually manufacturer provided.  True Type is enabled by default and should be better for LCD displays.  With a CRT monitor I found it better to uncheck this.  Sounds like a more serious problem though so I would suspect the monitor.

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            Clean your screen then try these:

            Click the Start button in the bottom left and in the Search box type DISPLAY.  Click on Display from the control panel group. This will bring up a window allowing you to fine tune the display.  I suggest you start by selecting "Calibrate Color" and follow the on-screen instructions. After that, select "Adjust Clear Type text" and follow those directions. If the characters still appear blurry, try lowering the contrast and brightness on your display.

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              Thanks for your reply. I have already tried this option but with same results.


              The model of my Acer 19" TFT is V193w. The text on the screen appears to be just like text written on tissue paper with ink pen showing blotted ink. When I attach my Monitor to other system having Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family Driver Version with Intel(R) Pentirum(R) 4 CPU 2.66 Ghz 512 MB Ram it works fine. Similary if I attach my new Core 2 Duo System (with above specifications) with my old LG Studioworks monitor it also works fine.


              I feel the problem is with the driver of my monitor which I am not able to find on the net.


              Error Message


              This version of Acer eDisplay Managemetn is not supported on the current display. Acer eDisplay Management will only work on supported displays.


              Following is the screen clipping


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                I found a number of drivers on the Acer site. The last for Win7 appears to be around Sept. 2009 though. Look for your Monitor under Series B, model B193 then choose the OS.


                Forgot to mention: These are all 32-bit drivers. Win7 appears to support your monitor under 64-bit OS with built-in drivers.


                Here we go again: That should be Series V, model 193W. For some reason Microsoft Compatibility showed it as a B193. I checked the Acer site and V/B seem to use the same 32-bit drivers.


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                  Your display is probably about 3 years old and with age I suspect it is becoming more particular about compatibility.  You may have to use the monitor wherever it works.

                  You can run dxdiag by selecting Programs > Accessories > run and type dxdiag then OK.  Also there may be a problem report in control panel > system and security > action center.  Device Manager should show no yellow bangs for devices.  Does it make any difference using VGA or DVI for the connection?  Have you used non-native resolutions with this monitor?

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                    Thanks for your reply. Running dxdiag also doenot indicate any problem. Nor there is problem reported by action centre. Device manager is also not showing any yellow bangs. The currect resolution of my display is 1280x1024 and display type shown is Generic Non-PNP monitor. I am not able to set the resolution 1400x1050 on my monitor.


                    The point related to VGA or DVI is not clear. Please elaborate.

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                      You should install the display driver provided even if it is old.  That typically doesn't change particularly for the native resolution.  If a graphics card is added more resolutions are probably available but only those the monitor manufacturer suggests should be used. The native resolution of the monitor would provide the longest life.  These should be listed in the manuals.  The refresh rate should only be changed from 60 Hz for a few displays and for 3D.

                      Without knowing your motherboard I assume it has DSub (VGA) and DVI ports.  Your display probably has appropriate cables for these.  While I've never detected a difference between analog and digital there may have developed a problem in one circuitry.  After using a VGA to DVI adapter (my DG45ID has only one DVI port) on one system it only works fully using the adapter so I don't recommend that.  Perhaps some other hardware or software is to blame.

                      Adding a graphics card may or may not fix the problem.  I suspect your display is getting old and the G33 board doesn't adapt to it.