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    Help with drivers to connect to internet


      Hi I need some help finding a driver for my computer that connects me to the Internet. I got some numbers off the motherboard and I believe the Ethernet (the little box where you plug your phone cord like thing into) is attached to the motherboard.

      Here are the numbers I have  Intel E210882  D865PERL that's on the motherboard

      On the box where you connect the ph cord it says FoxCom 4034 - J51 10/100BT

      This computer is 10 or 11 yrs old and I just did a complete restore of Windows XP home edition package 2 but noticed it won't connect me to the Internet.

      I've searched so many different drivers but they all just confuse me so I would appreciate if anyone knows what I need to please help me out.


      Also, can the drivers be put onto a memory stick or burned on a CD rom then put on the computer, because I can't get on line to install them but I can burn them from my other computer if it will work that way.


      Thank you for your time