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    Does DP55KG really supports PCI Express 2.0 Spec(Power limit redefinition) ?


      Hello Intel Support,


      I'm sorry, it's my 3rd message about my problem with DP55KG and Dialogic PCI Express cards but now seems I have clear question:

      DP55KG specification says it implements PCI Express 2.0 spec,


      PCI Express 2.0 spec says : "Power limit redefinition enables slot power limit values to accommodate devices that
      consume higher power"


      Dialogic site says: in order to Dialogic PCIe cards work in x1 slot mother board has to gives 25W


      but during start Dialogic service we have an error in event log:

      "Genload.exe: Power Requirement was not met for board in slot 0, bus 19, Power Required is 25, and actual power provided is 10"


      i'e' DP55KG does not redefine power limit as device asking, i.e. does not support PCI Exp 2.0 spec ?