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      I received my replacement DP67BG with B3 stepping and swapped out the first gen DP67BG.  If I install memory dimms sockets 2 or 4 motherboard will not POST it just cycles with beeps and restarts.  With dimms in sockets 1 and 3 motherboard will POST and Windows 7 boots up and is completely stabile.  I can swap any of the dimms to sockets 1 and 3 with the same results.  With previous DP67BG all sockets were all populated with this very memory and I had no issue for 2 months. 

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          Hello i got the same problem but here the board is only working if the memory is installed in the dimm slots 2 and 4

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            Same problem.

            I bought a computer with this board installed.  It was fine for a while then stopped booting.  It would just beep three times, shut down, and then start up, beep three times, shut down....over and over again.

            The vendor said it was a bad motherboard.  So he sent me a new one and I replaced it with their tech support guy on the telephone to help me and sent the old motherboard back.


            It was fine for a couple of days and then it did the same thing.  3 beeps, restart, 3 beeps...


            The vendor is fed up with me and says I must be doing something wrong.


            I have two memory sticks for this computer.  If both of them are installed in the blue memory slots, I get the 3 beeps of death.  If I only install one stick in the blue slot closest to the CPU, the computer will run.  It doesn't matter which stick I use, either one will work.  If I try to put a memory stick anywhere else though, I get the 3 beeps of death.


            From reading all the internet postings about other people having trouble with this board, three hypotheses have emerged.  I'm not a computer tech so I don't know which one, if any of them, are true.  I don't care I just want my computer to work.


            1:  This board will only start with a very specific power supply.  Supposedly, the Corsair brand is not good with this board.  That's what I have.

            2.  The memory sticks are the wrong voltage for this board.  My sticks are 1.5 volts (whatever the hell that means) but some internet dudes claim this board needs 1.3 volt memory sticks.  I have no idea if this is a bunch of BS or not, but it is related to memory and that seems to be the problem with my machine.

            3.  Other internet dudes speculate that this problem is the result of a short circuit somewhere in the case, and that the solution is buying a new computer case and transferring all the computer guts over into it.


            So, yeah,  I have a computer with this board and it sucks.  If anyone can shed any light on how to fix this problem, I'd be greatly appreciative.


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              Hi customer,


              I'll state up front that I'm no expert. But I built my computer with this board back in June and it's been flawless.


              re #1. My power supply is an Enermax REVOLUTION85+ 920W. If your Corsair power supply is a recent model then it should be ok. A lot of people prefer Corsair. They are highly regarded. I've always been partial to Enermax.


              re #2. My ram is 16GB worth of Mushkin DDR3 PC3-12800 1600MHz 9-9-9-24 Blackline 1.5V. It defaulted to 1333 MHz but I bumped it up to 1600 in bios. And it's been running at 1.5 volts since day one.


              I don't know about your number 3. Instead of a short circuit I would look at the back-to-bios button on the i/o panel. Is that button able to freely move in and out? A lot of people found it bniding against the i/o shield. When I assembled my unit, before ever powering it up I checked and the button was restricted somewhat. I took out the i/o shield and made that hole a lot bigger so that the botton can stick out (the "off" position) properly. I have never had that booting problem. And short circuits against the case usually won't let you power up at all because the power supply shuts down before it can start.


              If that's not the problem maybe somebody more experienced can help you.

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                Hmmm.  Ok, I will check out that button.


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                  I have two of these boards ( 4 counting two RMA for B3).  Anyway, you should put the memory in the blue slots first.  It's best to get the generic 1333MHz RAM (the ones without heatspreaders) that run at 1.5v and usually 9-9-9-24 2t.  They are low density and usually work with any board.  The others are high performance memory usually are high density and are quirky to get running and usually have heat spreaders to help keep them cool.  They are also sometimes called high-performance or gaming memory.


                  Just stick to name brands.  I've had real good luck with G.Skill working will every board.  others are hit and miss lately.  G.Skill seems to be leading the memory market lately with a lot of good support.


                  for testing, try one memory stick at a time and test each slot if they don't work in the blue slots.  I use mem test to test memory to make sure they work reliable under load.  run it to atleast 100% if not more.  If you find it crashing during the test, it probably is a timing, speed, or volt issue.  just make sure they match up to the package.  I just use CPU-Z to check with.


                  MEM TEST:






                  If you think you have a short in your case (not likely) you can remove the board and test it on a your desktop or table.  You can safely use your motherboard box to put your board on for testing if it is not glossy.  You can turn it inside out just to be sure as the inside usually has no print or gloss at all.  I would do that before spending any more money.  I just use a plain brown shipping box to test on usually.


                  Here is the link to the motherboard page:



                  Go to the memory link for known compaitible memory (DDR3 Non-ECC UDIMM):



                  Good Luck


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                    Ok, thanks!  It's Thursday morning and I probably won't get the time to really dig into this until this weekend, but I'll sure do all that you suggested and post my results.  Thanks!

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                      I got mine to start working after I bought some new memory 9-9-9-24 but still had to bump the "PCH Core (V)" to 1.1000 and the "Processor I/O (V)" to 1.1000

                      The memory I am running with now is:

                      CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB (4 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model CML16GX3M4A1600C9B

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                        Ok, So I've been doing some fiddling around based on the advice provided.


                        I'm still proceeding with the following hypotheses:


                        H1:  Incompatible power supply

                             --I've discounted this one somewhat.  The computer actually boots up and runs fine as long as I only use one memory stick in the leftmost blue slot.  I'm typing on it right now, with my second memory stick sitting on the desk in front of me.  Any attempt to put a memory stick anywhere else or put the second one back in results in the three beep recycle.  If it were a power supply problem, would it not be a global effect on the machine -- i.e. not start at all?


                        H2.  Wrong voltage on the memory sticks.

                             --  not sure what to think on this yet.  I used something called the intel extreme tuning utility to reduce the memory voltage to 1.3 (as discussed by some internet dudes on a different forum).  No effect whatsoever.  I then returned the tuning utility to the default settings and then changed the PCH Core (V)" to 1.1000 and the "Processor I/O (V)" to 1.1000 as per Mr. Ehupp's suggestion.  Also no effect.  The situation remained the same -- one stick in the leftmost slot or I get the three beep recycle.


                        H3.  Short circuiting case

                             --  I'm also discounting this one because, much like the power supply, why would a short circuit in the case not be a problem with one memory stick, but take effect only when I had two memory sticks inserted?  Would this not also be a global problem that affected the entire machine regardless of the memory configuration?


                        H4.  Obsructed Back to Bios button (Mr. Kank's suggestion)

                             --I took a pair of nippers and mangled the hell out of that I/O shield thing.  The bob button now seems free to come and go as it pleases.  When pressed down, it turns red, when in the up position, the red light goes out.  As far as I can tell, it is swinging free and easy.  After doing this, I put the second memory stick in and powered up -- got the three beeps of death.  I took the second stick back out and it booted up.


                        So that leaves H2 or some variant thereof as the hypothesis that has not been as discounted as the others.  Or, there's something else going on.  Keep in mind that this is my second DP67BG motherboard that is having the same problem.  That suggests to me an incompatibility issue with the memory?  I haven't yet had time to run the memory stress tests, but I will run one tonight on the stick that is currently inserted.  Either memory stick will work in the one slot though, so unless there is a more subtle error somewhere, they both seem right now to be fully functional memory sticks.

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                          If you change the voltage, you should increase it, not decrease it.  and 1.5v is the exact voltage you need.  lower voltages are for special green eco memory.  try increasing the voltage to 1.65v as that is the max supported.


                          did you try changing the working stick by itself, to the non-working stick by itself.  I think you may have one bad stick that needs replacing.


                          what is the make and model number of your RAM?  It will make it much easier to diagnose if we know what exactly we are working with.



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                            You're doing a good job eliminating potential problems. MarkJohnson is giving you great advice about the voltages. And then this part:


                            "did you try changing the working stick by itself, to the non-working stick by itself.  I think you may have one bad stick that needs replacing."


                            It could quickly narrow down the ram issue. I'm curious how that goes.

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                              First, let me say thank you for all the good advice.  Here's the current situation:  The computer continues to work fine with one memory stick inserted but will refuse to boot with both of my memory sticks inserted.  If both are in, the computer beeps three times and then restarts over and over again.


                              After tossing out some possible problems, I ended up with the following working hypotheses:


                              H2:  Wrong voltage on the memory sticks:

                                        -- While I have not concluded anything one way or another, I'm beginning to have my doubts.

                                             -- Using the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, I have lowered the voltage to 1.35v.  No change, Problem persists

                                             --  I have raised the voltage to 1.65v.  No change, problem persists.

                                             -- The current voltage is set at 1.5v and the problem persists.



                              H5:  Defective memory stick.

                                        -- I"m discounting this one because:

                                             --  I have used the memtest program recommended by Mr. Johnson to test both of the memory sticks one at  a time (the computer only works with one of them in at a time).  Both  memory sticks passed the test multiple times.

                                             -- The computer will boot  up and run using either one of the memory sticks, as long as it is  inserted in the blue slot closest to the processor.




                              H6:  Incompatible memory sticks

                                        --  I don't know about this one as I'm unsure how much to trust the Manufacturer's website

                                             -- I have two Corsair brand CMX8GX3M2A1333C9 memory sticks.  The sticker on them says they are 1333MHz, listed at 1.5v.  It also says 9-9-9-24 on the sticker.  They are version 5.11.  Corsair's website says they are compatible with the DP67BG motherboard.  I don't have any reason to doubt Corsair, but manufacturers are sometimes optimistic in their claims of compatibility.  So...if Corsair says they are compatible, are they really?


                              Perhaps I'm doomed to use only one memory stick.

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