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    DP55KG does not work with Dialogic PCIe card in x8 pcie slot


      Hi everybody,


      strange problem with this pair: DP55KG either can't see Dialogic card in slot (no in bios and as result no in devices in windows device manager), or

      sometimes it sees it (in bios and device manager) but attempt to start dialogic service tightly hangs windows


      we have tried windows 2003 and winodws 2008, with the latest Dialogic SR 6.0

      bios on motherboard is the latest 5926

      RAM 4 Gb (2x2)

      CPU i5 650


      We have tried 3 dialogic cards - the same result, they all works nornal in x4 and x16 slots... but we need it working in x8 slot


      what could we do to resolve the problem ?