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    CoH Game runs fine but does not install on Intel GPU




      I play Company of Heroes ona regular basis, which may be a quite old game, but with pretty decent DX1^0.0 graphics and an active Community.

      When i got my new notebook i was surprised that after i inserted my postville SSD the game ran fine on the X4500MHD whith lowest settings like it ran before on my olds laptops 8400m GS. - So far performance is great

      With my Desktop i3-540 i can even play it in 1680*1050 resolution. great i thought!


      But recently the make of the game, Relic Entertainment, issued a new patch. Since i only copied the installation over on my labtop and DesktopPC it was not registered into the windows registry and Program library. I had to reinstall evrything to apply the new patch (thats 8 patches in a row, thx to Relic i can spend my day on that!)


      But the Game wont install on a machine with intel graphics. It goes until 99% and takes ages then but in the end it removes everything again.

      ut it actually runs fine on this GPUs, so whats the Problem? Its the same with the Intel 4500 as with the i3-540 processor graphics, both w7 64bit, 4gig ram. With an nvidia GTX460 inserted it installs fine without anything else on the system changed.


      I guess it has something to do with dxdiag output or what the intel driver pretends to support or not support. There must be a thing that is required for CoH which the installer checks and is not fulfilled by the intel GPU/driver.  Sounds like a simple fix, since the actual driver runs fine with CoH when u get it installed using a 3rd party GPU.


      Its nothing Relic can Fix since the DVDs are out since 5 years. So it would be nice to have this thing looked at by the Intel driver development team and issue a simple fix (maybe talk with relic). I'm sure this will improve the Intel drivers Reputation for Gamers since CoH is a Classic (Eve Version 1.4 is often run on Lanparties since it requires no DVD or online registration).