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    No "Accelerate" button under RST


      Have the latest installed in Windows 7 64-bit.  Check all the drivers via the Intel check driver utility.  I can see the SSD I want to use to accelerate but there is no Accelerate buttoin available in the IRST app.  Suggestions?

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          Accelerate? Please clarify.

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            Rapid Storage Technology (RST) capability is suppose to provide the ability to use an SSD to speed system operations, that is called Smart Response Technology (SRT) now but has been called SSD caching in the past.  In the RST gui an Accelerate button should appear to allow selection of spare SSD to use as a SRT resources.  A number of folks including myself are have a great deal of trouble getting this resourse to work as Intel claims.

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              I'm running the Intel RST drivers and have an SSD as my system disk but I've never heard of an "Accelerate button".  There's nothing automatic except the drivers and Windows 7 will recognize the SSD.  You have to set the option in the BIOS to tell the system which method to use--IDE, AHCI or RAID.  Once that is set, Windows will load the appropriate drivers. To get the most from your SSD, it should be connected to a SATAIII interface (Preferably NOT a Marvell controller interface). There's a few other items to check but I don't know what hardware you're using. One other point too. Do NOT simply change to AHCI or RAID in the BIOS if it is already set to IDE. The system could hang or not boot since Windows may not have loaded the drivers.


              More information about your system is needed. What OS? What motherboard or computer make and model? Are you using the SSD as a system disk or just a data disk?

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                Thanks foks.


                After some discussion with an ASUS rep on another forum and in the guide Peter pointed to, Intel requires that for use of Smart Response Technology (SRT) within RST your OS must be on either a HDD or HDD RAID (via the SATA connections I believe) and a unused SSD be available (for SSD caching).  Otherwise no SRT and the Accelerate button won't appear.  Don't know why Intel should care where the OS and apps are located but they've made it a requirement for use of SRT.  Such setups are probably more targeted at OEMs and their machines than those that roll-their-own.


                Thanks for your input and suggestions folks.

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                  I think the button you are looking for is related to the mother board likr GigaByte for gamer.

                  we run a big site of israel hotel and in the server we run 10 SSD hard drives and i must say its prety amazing fast.

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                    Since these are simply the restrictions, as you stated, for setting up RST, would it be faster to install the OS on a SSD, use a separate HD for data, with both hooked up to separate SATA III ports and not worry about RST?

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                      Yes, I have the OS on a fast SSD plugged into SATAIII and am using two smaller SSDs as RAID0 via SRT.  Probably a better combo if you have the extra SSDs.

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                        I didn't have the Accelerate button either, and here's why.  You MUST be sure that your SSD is connected to the Z77 or Z68 SATA ports, or it won't be recognized and you won't get the Acceleration button/link in the RST software.  My ASUS P8Z77-V motherboard has 2 Z77 SATA 6G ports, but provides 2 more for a total of 4 SATA 6G ports all together.  My SSD happened to be plugged into the extra ones, not the Z77 native ones, so I could see and access it in Windows explorer, but not in the RST software, not in the  RAID config that blips on boot up, and not in the BIOS either when I accessed SATA.  It was this last thing that clued me in, I figured I should be able to see all drives in the BIOS, so I started playing around with the plugs and got it to come up.  I tried so many different things before doing this, that it cost me the better part of a beautiful Sunday.

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                          All the comments as yet to address why no Accelerate button is shown on Intel RST. This problem still persist on my newly built PC. Windows 7 on 1TB HDD, 128GB Corsair SSD. Drive are plugged into the Intel Z77 Serial ATA 6.0Gb/s connectors of ASUS P8Z77-V LE PLUS MB. Intel RST version is currently installed.


                          Original OS was installed using ACHI SATA mode, then later modified registry key iaStorV value to zero allowing successful boot using RAID mode in BIOS. The SSD is unallocated space of 59.62GB, the rest is 59.62 Hibernation Partition.


                          I've scrubbed over many post seeking useful or useless information, I would expect someone here at Intel board to address this issue. This appears to be a common problem. I absolutely do NOT intend to REINSTALL the OS.