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    BSOD during installation of Windows Server 2008 R2 under UEFI mode



      I have this problem:
      "35. System may get blue screen on display during the installation of Windows* Server 2008 R2 under UEFI mode


      Problem: When installing Windows* Server 2008 R2 under UEFI mode, system may hang with BSOD (blue screen of death)


      Implication: User will not be able to install Windows* Server 2008 R2 under UEFI mode. The BSOD happens at the “Installing Windows” page.


      Status: This issue is fixed in BIOS 57.


      Workaround: None"



      I updated BIOS but problem doesn't solved.
      drives are connected via RAID RS2BL040 S/N DZB400900263
      Please see screenshot my BIOS http://s53.radikal.ru/i142/1105/2a/4e458138df4e.jpg
      And screenshot BSOD screen http://s45.radikal.ru/i107/1105/ed/52aeb0207b52.jpg


      Server main board S5500HCVR

      Raid controller RAID RS2BL040

      Raid controller configuration:

                Raid5 - 9 drives on 2TB

                1 Drive as Hot Spare

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