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    Intel G41 express HDMI Audio problem


      Hello all,


      I'm hoping somebody can help me out here.  I just a Shuttle PC with integrated G41 express graphic chipset and dual video output (one HDMI, one DVI).  I am hooking up two TVs.


      When I plug in one of the TVs, audio streams over the HDMI connection perfectly.  As soon as I plug in the other device (which is also HDMI connected with a DVI->HDMI adapter), the HDMI sound device disappears from the sound control panel and I no longer get sound on the primary display.  It doesn't matter which device I connect to the ports (tried all combos) and I have the display I want sound over set to primary in the Intel control panel. 


      I understand (from hours of reading) that it may not be possible to stream audio over both HDMI connections, but that it not what I want here.  I just want audio over one of the connections.  Can anybody help me out here?


      It would be VERY much appreciated.  I'm ready to throw my hands up in the air.