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    Intel updates for Windows 7


      I am totally new to this and hope that someone can make sense of my issue.


      I have just done a Windows 7 compatability test (currently have XP) and it states that "we do not have compatability information for this device" for


      Intel Active Management - sol    and  Intel Management Engine Interface.


      I have done the Intel drivers update but these do not appear on it, but a manual download for the Management Engive Interface is available but I dont know if I have the correct motherboard or whatever it is I need the correct version of.



      Does this mean that my computer is not compatable or if it is should I update these itiems and how do I do that? 


      Can someone please help - this is way beyond me.

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          Let's start with two questions:

          (1) What is the make and model of your PC?

          (2) Are you currently using Intel AMT for remote management of your PC?


          The  SOL and Intel MEI components are needed for using the manageability features of Intel AMT.  The good news is that you probably have Windows 7 updates available for your PC...they should be posted on your OEM's download page for your PC.

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            Hi Steve


            The computer was put together for me (not from a store) so it does not have a make and model number.  I dont do anything remotely on my PC so I guess teh 2nd answer is also no.


            Not very useful - sorry.

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              If you are not using the Intel ME interface and the Serial Over LAN (SOL) feature of Intel AMT, then I think you can safely ignore the warning and upgrade to Windows 7.  You might see a missing driver if Windows 7 can't find one for your make and model. If the driver isn't included in Windows 7 for your board then you will need to know the make and model of your board so you can go to the OEM website and download the correct driver.  If you open up your PC you should see a label with the OEM name, make, and model printed somewhere on the motherboard. 

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                Thanks Steve