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    Intel Q9650 Shows Over Heat ?


      i am using Q9650 for since the last year with out any problem now when i see the temperature its rising

      i am using the DP45SG board and the temperature its show is this see the screen shot it varies from 60-90

      and i also want to know what is the default temperature for Q9650 on which it works perfectly with the default Stocked Fan

      Q9650 temp.JPG

      Kindly please do reply me appreciate the help to all

      kind rgds


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          Have you cleaned the system of dust inside?

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            Are you using the stock cooler ?  If so I would sugest upgrading the cooler the Q9650 normaly runs Hot anyway , all though your temps are still within specs. I have the extreme ver. of this CPU (  QX9650  )  and I am using a Coursair  H-50 Cooler and at full load benchmarking , clocked at 3.8 , it never gets over 55C at Ildle it stays at 39C .

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              yes i am using the stock cooler so as i am not in overclocking should i use the other cooler as you say so ? and also please tell me how soon should i change the thermal paste of the processor as well

              thanks to all for your utmost replies folks 

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                After studying the screen shot of CPUID HM, I find the readings to be rather odd.  For instance, the Vcore values shown vary by 0.01 volt, yet the core temperature values between minimum and maximum are almost 20C.  The "CPU temp" is 33C, yet we see a core temp of up to 95C.  The minimum core temp shown is 65C... yikes!  That with the CPU fan at almost 3000RPM, seemingly running wide open all the time.  I'm aware that some Intel mother boards have seemingly poor sensor chips and CPU thermal sensors that lock-up (as in 33C CPU temp), but is this normal for this CPU?


                The perfectly linear decrease of temps from core 0 to core 3 seen in current, min, and max temps may indicate the need to remount the CPU cooler with fresh TIM.  This CPU seems to be calling out for an after-market CPU cooler, or a case with plenty of fans.

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                  Yes I would get a Better than stock cooler if you want the machine to last for years, Heat is your worst enemie ,Isugested the H-50 Because I know it works well with that CPU , I do have one myselt and love it .