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    CPU not works


      is it possible to fix CPU?

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          It depends on what is wrong with it?


          A bent pin can some times be straightened,


          A heatsink that is install wrong can be removed and re-greased and reinstalled.


          For most the remaining " CPU not working" issues, 99% of the time it is a mother board / power supply issue.


          If it really is a bad processor, no It can not be fixed.

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            I have two CPU i3 550 and i5 750;

            PC specs: mother-MSI p55-cd53

            CPU i3 550 works with this mother and PC boots up normally, when I am replacing whith i5 750 PC doesn't boots up at all, only funs work. is this CPU dead? I purchase it as new sealed.

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              Hi spec009,  I'm not sure what you mean by "only funs works", what is "funs"?  Do you mean the BIOS?  If the BIOS runs, the CPU is not broken.  Your mother board can use many types of CPU's, and the i5-750 is listed in the list of useable CPUs.  But, you might need to change a setting in the BIOS when you use a different CPU, did you check that?  Also, what version of the BIOS are you using?  The newest one is dated 03/2011.


              Besides fixing bad contacts, a CPU cannot be fixed, but you should check your mother boards manual and the BIOS to see if you must change something when you change the CPU.  Did you post your question in the MSI forums?  That should be your first place to go to get help.


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                I think he means fans. I don't think you can't just swap a CPU. You need to start with a BIOS configuration or CMOS reset with the new CPU. Follow the directions that came with your motherboard/PC as to how to enter configuration mode and/or to reset CMOS.