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    Unable to get audio over HDMI (i5-2600k win7 ult x64)


      Intel i5-2500K
      ASRock Z68 Extreme 4
      8Gb ram (2x4G)
      Creative Audigy 2 ZS
      PNY Geforce 460 GT (Has DVI+VGA+mini-HDMI out but only 2 can be used simultaneously)

      Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit


      1x Philips 150B            (Connected to the Geforce 460 - VGA)
      1x Viewsonic 2268wm        (Connected to the Geforce 460 - DVI-D)
      1x Philips 6605 LED TV        (Connected to the Geforce 460 - HDMI)


      Device Manager 1.jpg

      I have both onboard sound (Realtek AL892) and the Audigy 2 zs installed and enabled, they both work fine and will output audio according to which ever playback device is set as "default".


      Problem is, there is no audio via hdmi to my Philips 6605 LED TV
      - No device detected in "Sound - Playback Devices" so I am unable to select it as default audio playback device.


      Playback Devices 1.jpg


      However if I were to connect the Philips 6605 LED TV to the Geforce 460, I am able to see
      "Philips FTV-1" in "Sound - Playback Devices" and enable it. And the TV will output both video and sound.


      Playback Devices 2.jpg


      Any advise on how to get the onboard video detect the TV? So I can bitstream audio as well as video over HDMI?


      I would prefer this setup(onboard video to TV and geforce to 2xmonitors) rather than having the TV+viewsonic-monitor on the Geforce.