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    Help setting up rapid storage technology



      I have three drives connected to the Intel sata ports on my MSI P55-GD65:

      • Intel X25-M 80GB   -   OS Drive
      • Hitachi 2TB   -   Data
      • Hitachi 2TB   -   Empty




      What I want to do with these drives is have the identical Hitachis in RAID 1.

      I want to keep the data from the first drive and have it mirrored on the empty one.

      I have Intel RST:



      However, I see no options for creating the array.
      I assume this is because I have the sata controller set to AHCI mode.


      So, onto the question, does anyone know how I could set this up so the SSD still uses TRIM and everything, and the two data drives are in RAID 1?