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    Core i7-930 processor only shows 1 core and 1 thread in CPUZ


      Hi I just built a new computer the specs are:


      1 core i7-930 CPU 2.8 GHZ

      1 coolermaster HAF 932 Case

      1 Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R

      1 ultra X4 1200 Watt PSU

      12 GB Corsair Dominator 1600 Hz Ram

      1 Saphire Radeon 5970 Video Card

      1 80 GB Intel SSD

      2 Western Digital 2 TB Hard Drives in Raid1

      2 Western Digital 1 TB Hard Drives in Raid 1

      2 Samsung Opitcal Drives

      1 NZXT Sentry LX Fan Controller

      1 AFT Card Reader

      1 ECO Coolit CPU Cooler with Push/ Pull fans

      1 indows Professional 64 Bit OS.


      I have noticed that benchmarks favoring the video card get good results while benchmarks favoring the CPU have gotten terrible results. I checked the BIOS and it show CPU Cores Enabled, CPU Nulti Threading Enabled, and Turbo Boost Tech. Enabled. However when I run CPUZ it shows only 1 core and 1 thread, shouldn't it show 4 cores and 8 threads?

      I slao tried Core Temp and it also shows 1 core and 1 thread. I've also tried AIDA 64 Extreme Edition and it to shows 1 core and 1 thread and Hyper threading Disabled.

      How could I have so many discrepancies and not be running better. Is it a defective CPU or a defective Motherboard and how can I tell which?

      Thanks to anyone who has an solutions or even ideas I can try.



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          Yes, CPU-Z should show 4 cores and 8 threads, as everything else you listed should.  It sounds like you may be experiencing "core parking", a Windows power management thing.  How that became enabled in the first place is weird, I have never experienced it myself so I don't know much about it.  I suggest searching on "core parking", although what I found was not the greatest IMO.  Here's one link that might help you:




          The following is not a fix, but a nice hardware monitor that will show the usage of the four real cores in bar graph form in real time, HWiNFO32, available free here:




          The only other thing I can think of is a BIOS setting for "legacy" OS's being enabled, but that is a stretch.  Did you try flashing your BIOS to the same or newer version, maybe it became corrupted?


          Let us know if you figure this out.  I have never heard of a CPU having this problem, but who knows?  I have an i7-930 and have never experienced this.

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            I followed the advice of a guy that responded toa similar post to someone who had the same problem but in Vista, by going  into MSCONFIG, boot and advanced options however my option said 1  processor not 1 core and 1 processor is correct but I deleted it left it  blank and rebooted. When windows opened up I checked cpuz and core temp  and both report 4 cores a nd 8 threads the way it should be. So i tip  my hat and say thank you to Laptopluey8. I suggest you try his method  because it worked for me.

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              here's the link to the post I refered to        http://communities.intel.com/message/126647#126647


              I do thank you also for taking the time tio try and help me, I just read his response firs and tried it and success, so I'm happy. Thanks again



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                Sounds good Dan, whatever works!  I did figure out the command lines from that article, which has typos in the commmands, OMG, given how messy they are, they ought to be right in the first place.  I ran them and now I can tweak my core parking... Oh Joy!!     I might try it for a test but I don't want to end up how you were.  Sure, I bought a four core/eight thread CPU so I can turn some of them off...  Ok, so it's supposed to be temporary, but can I trust that?


                I still wonder how you ended up with an i7-mono-core CPU.  I would have liked to see what your PC had the core parking max and min cores set to.  Then again, maybe that is unrelated to the MSCONFIG fix you did.  Some of the new Intel Server CPUs have 10 cores, 20 threads, maybe that on can actually use that feature.