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    DP55KG & Latest BIOS 5926 Problem


      I update the latest BIOS 5926 and my DP55KG doesn't boot up and NO display on monitor just blank. I have to go back to BIOS 5924

      My graphic card doesn't work with latest BIOS 5926.



      New Fixes/Features in BIOS 5926:

      Fixed issue where certain graphics card doesn’t work.
      Changed Hyperboot string to Fast Boot.
      Updated Heceta driver to make fan speed control work in BIOS.

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          Exactly same problem here two days ago. Loaded new bios from windows and then beping error saying video card fault after boot up, no signal on my screen, MB showing different fault codes on its display. Got a cd with previous bios, done a recovery bios flash, booted up no prob with old bios.Tried a cd then with newest bios loaded as emergency one, done 100%, no video after boot up and same errors again. i remember the displays got stock with fault number 77 which i could not find the meaning of it.


          good luck


          dont know what intel did with this bios when they say they fixed video card issues


          personaly will never buy an intel MB again (this was first and last), gave me so many troubles, very unstable and could not get it stable with 3 different pairs of ram, i had to buy the very cheap and slow memory which the mainboard has been tested with - poor support even for rams with XMB profile.

          alrigt someone can say, i always have to buy only supported ram - i never did that, the A-DATA memory had never any incompatibility problem with any of MB i had or both and build pc on it for someone else (i built over 150 computers)


          sorry for my english, hopefully it is understable


          PS: i only went on this forum again, because my E-SATA ports at the back of MB doesnt work, next issue lol

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            They should pull that BIOS 5926 from their servers and release a fixed version soon.

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              Same issue with DP55WG, which uses the identical BIOS as DP55KG. After updating to 5926 the system beeps twice indicating that my video card


              nVidia Geforce GT 430
              Asus ENGT430/DI/1GD3(LP)
              PCI Express 2.0 - 1024MB - GDDR3
              Firmware Version

              is not found. Then removing 3 of my four Intel validated 2GB memory modules makes the system work again. However, using only 2GB instead of 8GB is no option.

              5924 works flawlessly. The Intel support told me that they won't fix the "incompatibility".


              This is the second time this issue shows for me: After updating from 4905 to a later BIOS version the system could not detetct my Club3D nVidia GT 9600. After fruitless and time consuming discussions with the Intel support I solved the issue by replacing it with the Asus card mentioned above. Now it seems that I have to buy another (third) one, although Intel could not tell me which one might work. Using 5926 would be nice, since it may at long last fix the issue with the automatic fan control.



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                I have yet another problem with BIOS 5926 and the DP55KG motherboard.  The BIOS made Windows 7 think that my pci network card was a removable device (Like plugging something into a usb port), so I reverted back to 5921.

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                  All your experiences sound exactly like what happened to me. When I removed all my memory modules leaving only one dimm installedin Channel A DIMM 0, the video error beeps went away and I was able to boot up sucessfully. The moment I moved the memory module form Channel A DIMM 0 to another other slot, or added an additional memory module, the beeps returned and my screen would remain blank.


                  So if you are stuck, you may want to try that to see if you can at least recover the system and restore and older BIOS.

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                    Same problem except no beeps. System boots normally, but no video, Tried different graphics card, different connections, F9 reset to defaults, even tried loading previous BIOS. No luck at all. Not sure if the previous BIOS even loaded. Tough to tell without any video. 5926 should definitely be pulled. Will try pulling memory and see what happens.

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                      Just tried the memory trick to get video back. No luck for me. Now it will not even start reading the hard drive, so MB is pretty much dead. At this point about the only thing I can do is get a replacement.

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                        I have a same problem. what you need to do is recover the bios with privious bios.



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                          Already tried. No luck whatsoever. Either BIOS will not recover, or damge is permanent.

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                            Tried again, this time using a flash drive. It gets as far as preparing image for main firmware. Then nothing. I think this MB is dead.

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                              Try again and make sure unplug the hard drive cables and CD rom drive cables from your comp befour you update the recover BIOS.

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                                And also remove the BIOS jumper from MB

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                                  Thank you, thank you, thank you. The disconnecting (I had removed the jumper for the update previously)of all HDD/Blu-ray devices allowed it to finish the bios reload of the 5924 version of the BIOS. I will definitely NOT try the update to 5926 again. Don't know what the did in that one, but it seems to be a mess.

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                                    I should also mention, in the years I have been doing BIOS updates, this is the first time I have had any problems. And this one was a doozy. When the monitor did not come back on after the update, I knew I was screwed.

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