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    Intel Sigmatel driver problem and strange thing occurred after installing new blu-ray-drive, thaanks!!


      "Address a problem with Sigmatel C-Major audio driver

      Sigmatel C-Major audio driver has stopped working properly.

      To solve this problem, go online to your computer manufacturer's website and  search for Sigmatel C-Major audio driver updates."


      I have Intel DX38BT motherboard

      Core2Extreme QX9770 processor



      Should I update some drivers, which ones, there are no specific audio drivers on Intel's site. This message comes perhaps once every two months, audio is working anyway, but irritating message.. Btw, what might be the cause: I installed a new sata-connection blu-ray-drive and took away old ide-connection dvd-drive and now after starting pc it says on the black screen that no "hard disk detected". Anyway harddisks working and everything except sigmatel working..



      Matias aus Finland