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    Intel S5520SC


      Hi, I'm having problems with starting a workstation that I bought for parts.
      I have reviewed the forum to see if I can find an answer to my problem but have not succeeded so far.
      The issue is that when I turn on the PC I have no video signal, ie. It's not booting.

      The configuration is:
      Mobo: Intel S5520SC
      Processor: Intel Xeon X5570
      Chassis: Chenbro SR105
      Video Card: Nvidia Quadro FX1800
      HDD: WD 1T
      Memories: 4GB DDR3 1333 Crucial Rendition
      PS: Intel FXX600WPSU Delta DPS-600MB A 600W Power Supply
      Thermal solution: Intel BXSTS100C 130w.


      I have removed the memories:
      I tried just booting with the processor and power supply.
      Nothing happen, I hear no beep.
      Should I hear a beep?

      I placed all the accessories and not hear any beeps, I leave only the power supply connected and gives me the sequence of beeps indicating that not processor is connected to the motherboard.
      When I start, the diagnostic LED F is on green constantly. The System Status LED is lit green, after 10 seconds turns amber and blinks. Besides the CPU fan goes to full speed. I am using a single processor placed in the space for CPU # 1.

      5V LED is turned green as I connect the PS, that I think should be normal.
      There is another LED that turns amber. His positioned close to the header for the second CPU Fan but is not the CPU fan fail's LED, I'm sure about that.
      I tried before with another 1000w PS, the same problem.

      This 600w PS, That I'm currently using, have the Auxiliary Signal connector Power connector P14.


      When I connect the cables from the chassis to the motherboard, I realize that there are cables that I have. For example:
      I can connect the cables alone are:
      Power SW
      Reset SW
      Power LED
      HDD LED

      In the Front Panel are more connections as ID Button, Chassis Intrusion, System Status,ID LED, SM bus, Temp Sensor, NMI.
      I have no more cables from the chassis to have something similar to these connections. Do not know if I need something to connect it is essential or that is the problem.
      Another thing I did was take out the mobo from the chassis and put up a cardboard box and connect the PSU and all the accessories to see if there was a power problem that was affecting the process. Nothing, same thing.


      I need help please, I need to know what is causing the problem that has no video signal and can not start the workstation.


      Thank you very much in advance.
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          Jason Tan



          Did you get a chance to check the quick start guide for integration tips ? Also, check you memory against the tested list.


          As for the front panel connections, this page may help you with where to connect each of the chassis cable->server board.


          Once you get through with cross-checking it with the tested memory as well as making sure that connections are in the right places, performing a CMOS clear may also help, check jumpers J2C1 (2-3 would perform a CMOS clear), more information is documented in the technical specification document.

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            Hi, thanks for the answer.

            The problem still.

            Could be that the memories are not compatibles with the board. But otherwise, shoud I ear 3 beeps if I don´t have any memory on the board right?

            I put out the memories and I have not any beep. No video signal.

            What can I do to know what is the problem?


            Please let me know,


            Thanks a lot

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              I have curiosity about something. The seller of the Processor tell me that this processor have the stepping code B0 and my motherboard accept only processors with the stepping code D0. I don't know until so far is this crucial. Could you tell me something about this please.
              Also I have another issue.

              I have memories Non-ECC, this is crucial to boot the system? or I can use memories non-ECC?


              Thanks in advance.



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                Are you sure it's a B0 stepping? As far as I know the production stepping of Xeon X5570 is D0. Could you get the sSpec# on the processor (starting with "SL")?


                And yes ECC memory is required for this board. Non-ECC memory is not supported.

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                  According to the vendor, the processor is stepping B0. The processor has written:
                  Intel Xeon X5570
                  2.93 ghz.
                  I have not tested the motherboard with a ECC memory, I already bought a ECC memory, I'm sure it was exactly compatible with the motherboard. It should arrive in a few days.
                  I have another question:
                  I bought two PSU, one of 1000w and other of 600w, the 600w PSU have the P14 connector, is the Aux signal power connector. Which of the two you recommend?

                  Thank you very much for your help.
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                    I forgot to put the specifications of the both PSU.

                    here are:


                    Intel FXX600WPSU Delta DPS-600MB A 600W Power Supply


                    Dell Precision 690 NPS-1000AB 1000W Power Supply


                    Thanks a lot.

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                      Jason Tan

                      Hopefully you got one of the tested memory listed. Let us know when the tested memory is used if the issue persists.

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                        And what about the PSU?

                        Which is better?

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                          Thanks for the answer about the processor.

                          I need check the board with the ECC memories.


                          Please I need to know also which Power Supply is better.


                          I have these PSU.


                          Intel FXX600WPSU Delta DPS-600MB A 600W Power Supply


                          Dell Precision 690 NPS-1000AB 1000W Power Supply


                          Thanks a lot.

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                            Jason Tan

                            Jgarcia, in my opinion, a better way to approach this would be to identify the components you need to install in the system & determine what power you require. Intel provides a power budget tool document which would allow you to plug-in the values to determine the power you would need.

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                              If I'm not wrong FXX600WPSU is a quite old PSU used on SC5300 Base and SC5275-E chassis, so I wouldn't recommand that one. I'm not very familiar with the Dell NPS-1000AB, but please notice that the S5520SC board requires one SSI-compliant 2x12 pin main power connector, and two 2x4 pin 12V power connectors, one for each CPU. Detailed power requirements are documented in the Technical product specification, section 6.2 and 9.4.

                              The Power budget analysis tool is also a useful tool.

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                                Circled below are the components that must be connected for the board to boot.

                                Base on  the No beep when memory is not installed, I suspect eather the CPU is in the wrong socket or you do not have a 2x4 12v power connector connected to the active CPU (s)

                                I do not believe the Intel FXX600WPSU power supply has 2 - 2x4 12v connector. ( I am not sure it even has 1)

                                and could not tell from on line photos if the DEL had one or two.


                                This is not the same connector wiring as a video card power cable which i believe both PS units have.




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                                  Thank you very much for the responses:
                                  Well, speaking about the PSU.
                                  Both have connectors 2x4 12v and 2x12 pin main power connector. Every PSU has only one 2x4 12v connector.

                                  The intel PSU has the Power signal connector, I don't know if this is very important or not, the Dell PSU not.

                                  I have two questions.
                                  Need I connect the two connectors 2x4 12v to the motherboard to work, having only one processor connected to the CPU 1?
                                  Or simply connecting a single connector to the CPU 1 where the processor is located is enough to have the correct power?


                                  Remember, I'm only using one processor in the CPU1, not two.


                                  Appreciatte your response again.


                                  Thank you very much.

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