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    Problems with some EXPI9404PTL cards being recognized by the server


      I am getting reports that some EXPI9404PTL cards are recognized by a given server and others fail to be recognized by the same given server.  The server in question utilizes PCIe2.0 slots.  Based on the following statement http://www.intel.com/support/network/adapter/pro100/sb/CS-030873.htm , it appears that the EXPI9404PTL card has been modified for forward compatibility and should work in PCIe2.0 slots.


      Was this card originally modified to resolve this issue form its initial conception, or was it modified as a mid production change?  If it was a mid production modification, is there a way to determine which version of the card is forward compatibile with PCIe2.0 and which versions are not forward compatible?


      Thanks in advance.