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      I'm building a server for home using the Intel SR2300 chassis and the server board that goes with it. I wanted to set up a SATA RAID using an expansion card and the existing hard drive bays; unfortunately the on-board RAID is set up for SCSI and wouldn't handle RAID 5 anyway.


      So, I'm hacking a solution by cutting off the SCSI connectors on the SCSI backplane and gluing SATA data/power cables to it.  THe project is coming along well; however, I wanted to connect to the onboard LEDs and run wires for them back to the SATA controller. These LEDs don't look like standard surface-mount LEDs as they have four legs.


      So, I'm in need of a schematic for the backplane (at least the LED/driver part) so that I can interface to the LEDs.  I could suss it out, I'm sure, but a schematic would make things so much easier. Where could I find this information...?


      (And yes, I know this would void warranties, et cetera.  I don't really care about that on a server this old anyway.  ;-)  )