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    IMS, Intel Modular Server with Hyper-V slow Storage




      we use an IMS MFSys25 (Firmewarelevel 6.7) with

      - 4x mfs5520vi Compute Modul

         - 1x 8GB, 1x Xeon 5620 CPU, Mezzanine Card

         - 3x 48GB, 2x Xeon 5620 CPU, Mezzanine Card

         - Advanced PCI option  „Maximize / minimum Memory below 4 GB“ set to MAX

      - 2x SCM

      - 2x SWM

      - 7x 600GB SAS 10K HDD

      - Windows Server 2008R2 SP1 Enterprise

      - Hyper-V Server 2008R2 SP1

      -.Failovercluster for Hyper-V

      - 2 NIC Teams (

         - ALB for Management

         - VMLB for vSwitch -

         - vmq is disabled on all cards cause of the BSOD Prob with VLMB and vmq

      - 1 Storage Group with 2 SAS 600GB HDDs for Physical OS (RAID 1)

      - 1 Storage Group with 5 SAS 600GB HDDs for virtual machines (RAID 5) - Cluster Shared Volume


      We use the latest Drivers for Windows Server 2008R2 incl. MPIO Storage Package


      The Servers are just installed, patched, NIC Teams are established, Hyper-V Failovercluster is build.


      The problem we have is the incredible performance on the Hyper-V Hosts and virtual machines when accessing the SAN storage. Has anybody an idea, what we can check or do else....


      Thanks a lot


      Björn Schiemann