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    S5520SC goes down during 100% usage of processors




      My system contains:

      2x xeon w5590
      win 7 x64


      Everything was working fine (for about a year) till today. There was no any change. Today, when I stared to using all 8

      cores, system went down after a while. Then it tried to turn on, but went down again and I had to turn off power supply

      to stop it. After few minutes I could turn computer on normally. But the problem hasn't gone away. I can use computer

      normally, but when I start using processors in 100%, system goes down after about 90 seconds. Looks like a temperature

      problem, but again - everything was working fine before. I have a good cooling system, max. proc temperature (according to Everest) is 85-90'C. So I guess this is not the problem. As for the power supply, system has Revolution 850W and I don't think it needs more than 500W in any moment. How can I figure out what is going on?