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    I7 980x + gigabyte ud5 + 16/24gb ram


      Hello I am new to the forum, I want to talk about what has happened to me.
      I bought the motherboard shown up and wanted to put on 16/24gb of ram, then I bought the ocz written in the title but I just can not make them permanent ...
      My problem is that despite having 16 gb installed during the post bios tells me 12GB ..
      Believing that it did not do I removed two sticks of ram for a total of 8 gb but it indicates that there are only four entered.
      There are weeks that I work and I can not find the solution ...
      Moved by the desperation and not waste any more time then I would know qualified people like you advice on what I buy ram (OCZ sell them) or better, what brand of memory do you recommend to work at least 16 gb stable


      My doubt is: the processor has to handle problems such type 16/24 gb ram ...
      I have seen that the specification is written DDR3-1066 memory girls and memorychannel 3. So it means thet I can put only dimm with frequency 1066, if I had instead of remembering ocz3g1333lv8gk to 1333 means that are not compatible?
      Memory channel 3? that means triple channel?
      Or suggestions on this