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    980X + 1600Mhz Ram = VOIDED WARRANTY!!


      Hello, I'm new to this forum but not new to Intel. I've purchased only Intel processors in all my systems and own 300 shares of stock (Not a lot I know). Last year I built a system with a 980X, Asus P6T7 WS SuperComputer board, 12GB of Corsair Dominator DD3(1600Mhz), and 2 GTX480 Hydrocools. Also spent another $900 on the cooling for the system. A few weeks ago my computer just stopped turning on. At first I thought there is no way it could be my $1100 Processor; must be the Motherboard.


      Being a computer engineer I did all the mundane testing, took the board out and tested on anti-static surface, tried each ram stick individually, tested each video card and one i had laying around. Nothing.... So I contacted Asus and they were quick to process an RMA and take a look at the board. The got it and tested it for 4 days and called me each day to update me. There were no problems at all with the board. Asus decided to still give me the newer revision of the board and I recieved it yesterday. Put it all together and still the same problem.


      I called Intel today and got a guy that slipped up and even told me "Yes" when I asked, "So what you're telling me is Intel will find any way to not process a warranty return for a loyal customer?"


      Basically he stated that this Enthusiast processor is only covered by warranty when it is in a system with cheap low performance parts. My Ram and my water cooling void the warranty. They sell a board that supports 1600mhz ram, I dont understand why they would not support it on an ENTHUSIAST processor.


      My real question here is, does anyone know who I can contact with Intel to possibly restore my faith in the company? AMD's Bulldozer isn't looking too bad right now.

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          Paul S Otellini , is the man in charge , I don't know his phone # But he would be the guy to talk to about your problems .

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            Needed a good laugh. LoL.

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              Hay If you want to Yell at the Man he's the Man to yell at If you can get to him . I actualy had a email conversation with the head of HP once. Mark Harurd .You Just got to get pass all the inferstructre.

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                I also got through to Linux Trious the guy that owns Linux.

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                  I sympathize with your situation, but IMO what blew it for you was mentioning you use water cooling.  Not that is doesn't work but the perception is it leaks fluid onto the board and CPU.  I can just imagine a meeting of the support personnel and supervisor, discussing their calls from junior PC builders calling in to RMA their CPUs when "... that water-blocker thing just took a leak all over my build dude, really sucks man, my '990 got hosed, when can ya like RMA-me a new one...".  After that, the words "water" or "liquid" and CPU in the same sentence equals no warranty for you.  Not that the situation I described applies to you, but you get dragged down by the Lowest Common Denominator thinking, one size fits all.


                  The fine print (of course) in the CPU warranty info mentions not covering damage from non-standard CPU coolers, a dirty little secret rarely if ever mentioned in the after-market CPU cooler instructions, not to mention PC hardware review web sites.  I have quite a collection of unused stock Intel CPU coolers, saved only to return with a bad CPU if necessary.  But in reality we are among that rare, small community that actually bothers to do that, and we don't get no respect.


                  I would think a person of your stature should be able to talk to someone up the ladder, and convince them you're not an idiot and get some kind of help with your situation.  Keep trying, don't be a jerk but be persistent, and I wish you luck.

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                    I actually did talk to another guy on Chat after proving a point and being calm he decided to make an exception for me. Now we are waiting for verification that my chip is legit cause it doesnt have a barcode it "should." After google searchingi learned none of them have it.

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                      A barcode on the CPU?  I have only one i7-900 series CPU (930) and I don't recall seeing a barcode on it.  Out of four Intel CPU's I've installed within a year or so, from socket 775 to 1155, I've never seen a barcode on the IHS.  I've seen a document or table showing what is printed on Intel CPU's (talk about fine print) and I don't recall a barcode there either.  Unless the pedigreed 980 and 990 CPUs have barcodes?  Perhaps that question was a little test to see if you "lapped" your CPU?  That would be a warranty-killer of course.  Sounds like you've been successful, so that's good.