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    Hardware problom





      I hve a new mother board of Intel. I am assemble that. but the system will not working properly. System will restart befor desktop.



      What is the problom sir. What can i do for rectify this problom ?



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          Javed Lodhi


          Hi Guest,



          You need to clarify the situation and give us the right information in order to get instant help. Kindly provide us the following information so that we are better able to understand, isolate and troubleshoot your problem;



          Motherboard Model:












          Problem Statement: What exactly is the problem that you are facing since we are unable to comprehend from your current post as to what could be the problem "System will restart befor desktop." The only thing that I have been able to deduce is that your computer keeps on restarting as soon as you login. Kindly confirm and let us proceed to troubleshooting your problem.






          Warm Regards,



          Javed Lodhi



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