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    Access to +5Vsb Standby Power in S5 State on DQ67SW


      I have the DQ67SW on a power supply that can provide up to 3A on the +5Vsb, while nominally the DQ67SW only requires less than 1.5A standby assuming no additional draw from other devices. 


      I need to be able to draw 1A of the remaining +5Vsb capacity for a custom peripheral that requires standby power in S5 (so drawing from USB is not an option- that's only available in S3 standby).  I have an available PCI slot, so I know that +3.3Vsb is available on a pin there.  Unforunately, the DC-DC step-up I need to use requires at least 3.5V and I want to avoid a second step-up stage toward avoiding a reduction in overall conversion efficiency. 


      My question is: is there a header or port on the DQ67SW where I can tap into +5Vsb in S5 without having to splice into the +5VSB line on the 24-pin supply connector?  Given the modest power requirement, I would like to avoid the need to draw from an external supply.


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions.