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    Core ID in sccLinux?




      I understand that the core IDs can be read from configuration registers at each core or tile.


      What I want to know is whether a core's ID is somehow stored in sccLinux.

      Or does it always refer to the configuration register when the core ID needs to be referred?


      For instance, if sccLinux or some other program running on core0 needs some information about the ID of the core, does it always get that information from the configuration register?

      Or does sccLinux have the information itself, that this core is core0? Might it have some cached data within the kernel about the ID of the core?


      The reason I'm asking this is because I want to know if there can be any case where the actual core ID and the core ID SCCLinux knows can differ.


      I would appreciate it very much if someone could throw in some hints on this.



      P.S. Are the bits of the core ID configuration registers writable?