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    MPB use by RCCE_send/RCCE_recv and rckmb




      I have a doubt regarding how the Message Passing Buffer is used by the RCCE library for send/recv and synchronization and also by the network driver rckmb.


      1) Do both of them use the full 16KB (8KB per core)? Or is there some split between how much of the 8KB (available per core on a tile) is used by the RCCE and by the network driver? Is there any documentation for the network driver and how it works and how it uses the MPB available (besides the comments in the source code)?


      2) If, for instance, there is some SSH session between two cores and at the same time there is an RCCE program running on the same two cores that is doing a bunch of send/recv calls, will there be contention on the usage of the MPB?