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    DH67CL USB 2.0 ISSUE


      Hi, I recently upgraded my Pc with a sencond generation of intel core i5, everything was running fine until I started to connect usb storage devices.

      The motherboard is the DH67CL, no matter if it is an usb key or a hard drive the system hangs and it frezzes, I'm using Windows 7x64.


      If anybody has a solution to this problem cause I'm going nuts.


      Thanks in advance.

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          I'm running two DH67CL boards with Win 7 x64 and all USB ports are working well. Have you installed all the latest drivers?

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            Yes, I have installed  the latest drivers and the updates from microsoft

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              I am having a similar issue with a New DH67CL and i-5 2500K CPU running under Win XP Pro (32).   Some USB 2.0 devices seem to be disabled for no reason.  This is apparent with devices such as the mouse (Logitech Cordless) and my UPS monitoring software (Belkin Bulldog) that have worked for years on my old system.  The mouse just sudenly goes dead and requires that I unplug the USB cable and plug it in again.  With the upsd service from Belkin I have to restart the monitoring application. MMC shows the usb device as disabled.  I would appreciate any suggestions.

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                yes you are right i faced usb.2 detection problem i contact to shop keeper and then he change the board with B3 steeping  and then problem solved and i have no problem contact to where your purchase and if you have warrenty then claim it

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                  I'm afraid that doesn't help.   My motherboard is the new series with B3 stepping. 


                  I'd appreciate any other suggestions.

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                    I suspect that this will not help Jose with his problem, but I believe that I have solved my problem by disabling Legacy USB Support.  It has been several days since I did that, and the USB failures seem to have stopped.