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    Asus p8z68-v pro with nvidia gtx570


      hi there

      first of all, sorry for my english, i've recently bought the new intel z68 based motherboard from asus model p8z68-v pro and i have it runing with an i5 2500k, also have a discrete graphic board from nvidia gtx 570. my problem is: i have 3 display monitors, 2 from asus that suport 1920x1080 hdcp compliant, and a older samsung that suports up to 1680x1050 no hdcp. i have the first 2 conected to the gtx 570 and the samsung one conected to itel hd graphic onboard via dvi, as i expected it the 3 displays works at the same time like i want it, but with one issue, i have the 2 asus side by side and the samsung as a third on the far right of the desk, the problem is that there is no continuity between them, i will explain it better: imagine the desktop through those 3 monitors, asus-»asus-»samsung, when i go with the mouse pointer from the first asus, it first goes to the samsung then after goes the other asus display. i hope i made my self clear, i believe it's not the usual problem that you are used to, but i would like some help to see if anyone knows how to solve the problem without having to do the obvious (puting the samsung display in the midle, which i dont want to do) is there any solution, will it be a way in the future to chose the following order of displays?

      thanks for your attention