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    my pc wont start up??????????


      i have a dp45sg extreme bord with a pny nvida geforce gts 250 1024 MB video card and 4 2gig 1333MHz memory master for my ram.  the tower fell off my desk on to a cement floor while it was off and now when i turn it on it will turn on for a few sec then shut off then turn right back on agen with a blank screen the hole time nothing pops up on the screen.  every thing looks fine and ive tryed every thing in the manual.  what do u think could of happend????????????

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          what do u think could of happend????????????

          I think you dropped on a concrete floor.


          You probably shouldn't have turned it on until you checked a few things.

          1. Make sure the memory modules are seated.

          2. Check the power supply and peripheral connectors.

          3. Check to see if the battery dislodged.

          4. If you have any HDDs, they could be paper weights now.

          5. If you have an accessory CPU fan/cooler, make sure it hasn't cracked the motherboard. Same for the video card slot.


          Are you getting any indication of power to motherboard. Like an LED for standby power?