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    Ati radeon hd 4870 1gb with a core i7


      hey guys im back with a new question for ya. with a core i7 870 what is bottlenecking my hd4870. the processor is at 4.04ghz and the memory is at 1820mhz then i have the 2 hdd's 1 wd5001aals drive 500gb and 1 wd 640gb drive that i dont know the model off the top of my head. they run at sata 2 3.0gbps speeds now the thing is i have a 1000 watt power supply and i have zbout 10 fans connected to it and the heat realy gets me cause i have to turn my ac on all night. but back to the hd 4870 i was wondering why might i not be able to oc it past 820mhz core and 1000mhz memory? is my hardware limiting my overclocking ability on the hd 4870? also i have a soundblaster x-fi xtreme gamer sound card so could that have something to do with it? or is it the fact that the stock coolers just plain out suck on these cards? i have the drivers for the card the catalyst drivers 11.5. well any help would be great.

      Thank you,

      Billy Babin