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    Need an expert advice on Intel 6 series chipset!

      I'v bought the GA-H67MA-UD2H, rev.1.0 (stepping B2 with known issue) motherboard .
      In two months i'v got all SATA 3GB ports degraded, that is, the hard disks connected to SATA 3GB
      do not work and do not appear in the motherboard's BIOS.
      I brought the MB back to the seller in order to get the equivalent new MB replacement..
      But the seller has found some damages inside the processor socket
      (of unknown origin - 1 leg missing & 1 twisted) and refused with the replacement reasonning that
      this damage  caused  the SATA-2 ports to malfunction and stop working.
      So i need an expert explanation to clear it out.
      1. Can it be that the missing or twisted legs in the CPU socket could result in the SATA-2 ports malfunction and stop working?
      2. Can it be considered that the motheboard (or the chipset) is defective
        because of the SATA-2 ports malfunction? Is it a recognized defect (by Intel or Gigabyte)?
      Note. The damage in question do not affect anyhow the motherboard's performance.
      The mothrerboard starts and function porperly (except SATA-2 ports).
      The damage is - there's no M23 ping at all in CPU socket.
      (looked up here - page 21, "Thermal Mechanical Specifications and Design Guidelines (TMSDG)"
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          Have you tried contacting Gigabyte directly?



          It is really difficult to say how the missing / bend pins would manifest.

          http://download.intel.com/design/processor/datashts/324641.pdf page 104 shows that M23 is one (of many) VSS pins, but it is not possiable to say internally how this Vss pin is used.


          It sound like the vendors considers your issue to be CID (Customer Induced Damage) rathar than a canadate for the Intel Chipset replacement. http://www.intel.com/consumer/products/processors/chipset.htm.


          My recomendation would be to go to the Gigabyte web site and push the issue directly with the manafacture.

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            Alik,  You are getting very poor service from your seller, IMO they are just being lazy or trying to get more money from you.  The exchange of the mother boards with the potentially bad 6 series chips is a given, that is what Intel wants to do and the mother board manufactures must do this as well.  I could swear one mother board manufacture said they would take back their boards in any condition, but I can't find that now.  Given that you must remove the mother board from the case, and remove the CPU cooler and CPU, damage may occur, but in this case you are being forced to do that so the board should be accepted.


            The main point of the recall is not that the SATA 3Gb/s (SATA II) ports will not work now, it is that they may not work in the future after years of use.


            If the SATA 3Gb/s ports work perfectly right now, the manufacture must replace it for you anyway!!


            If they didn't work, they must replace it.  If your seller tells you otherwise, they are lying!!  The sellers are supposed to work with their customers and the manufacture to have these boards replaced.  Your seller is not doing that, you should report them to Gigabyte, and maybe Intel.


            Here is a link to Gigabytes page about their board return policy for the recall, and let's not forget it is a recall at the customers discretion:




            You may be surprised by what some people are asking Gigabyte to do because they need to return the boards.


            Unfortunately, Gigabytes policy is not as customer friendly as other companies, but they still have one.  You can go directly through them, and that is what you should do.  The boards are basically worthless to these companies, I doubt that they are removing parts from them to use again, the cost of that is likely not worth it.


            You should also contact Gigabyte and tell them how the seller is not letting you return the board because of the recall.  This issue is all over the Internet.  Go to Gigabytes forum and post a thread about your problem, I'm sure you will get some good suggestions from people that have returned their boards.  I have not had to do this myself.  Good luck!!!

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              Thank you ALL! Your advices were of  good help.

              I have sent email to the motherboard manufacture and waiting for reply.

              In any case i have a right to appeal to the court.


              Hi all again :-)

              I have addressed to Gigabyte Global Tech Service (ggts.gigabyte.com.tw)/ and finaly they replied:
              Good day!


              Returnable motherboard must be in working condition and full complete.
              The refusal is due to conclude the service center, which during the examination revealed a mechanical failure on motherboard (broken pin in the socket of the processor). The presence of mechanical damage deprives the warranty.


              Gigabyte Technology

              So - if you damage the manufacture defective product (even of slight, insignificant matter) - the product will be yours forever, do not even think of exchange or money back ! :-))