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    3tb hard drive


      I have an Intel d975xbx2 motherboard and I am using it as a backup server with server 2003 r2 on it.

      2gyg ram and multiple 3tb hard drives.


      When I use the first bank of sata connections (black in color) on the motherboard, they work fine. Using the second group of 4 sata connections,(blue and orange), using the 3tb hard drive, my computer blue screens. I can use 2tb hard drives in bank 2, but not 3tb. Is there an upgrade for the bios that solves this problem?



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          The black SATA connectors are controlled by ICH7R, while the blue/red ones are controlled by the Marvell 88SE6145 SATA RAID controller. I highly doubt if either controller will support 3TB hard drive since this board is more than 4 years old already...

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            With the 3tb hard drives, once the gpt conversion is done, they work with the black sata connectors.

            When connected to the other bank, the computer blue screens and keeps restarting.

            There is a 2tb hard drive and a 200gb hard drive connected to the 2nd set of sata connectors, and they work.


            Your right, this is an older board and it might not work. Thanks for the response.

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              Are 3 TB hd supported on the newest board DX58SO2?

              I'm having problems with the RAID, it just doesn't see the drives

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                Did you find any solution? I have the same problem.

                Thanks in advance