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    intel 410pt desktop mini board shutdown and automatically restart !


      Hi to all,


      as in object, i've a desktop system based on intel 410pt board and 4GB of DDR2 RAM and a SerialATA HARD DISK.


      The system works fine and do the shutdown (by software) but automatically restart after few seconds.


      I've flashed the latest firmware (0516) version released on 31/03/2011. It seems to work fine. But the system restart as before.


      I've tryed with more OS, like windows Xp (installed on hd) and other live distributions of linux... the system do the same...


      What do you think ? Could it be the power supply ?


      Another thing i've not understand is the hd led always on.

      Is it an error code ? What could be wrong ?


      I'm thinking that my botherboard has something broken... And You ?


      Bye, and thaks to all..